Unfortunately, the language surrounding social justice is often unhealthy polymerized with politics and social media. At the same time, those three elements are inevitably connected at some points, so there needs to be some work done to distinguish where they should overlap and where they must be isolated from one another.

A Catch 22

“And so you ask, ‘What about the innocent bystanders?’ But we are in a time of revolution. If you are a bystander, you are not innocent.” - Abbie Hoffman

I imagine this quote will either stir discomfort or invoke agreement, depending on who is reading. Topics such as racism and climate change are intimidating to talk about, which leads some people to “stay away from politics.” The activist side of me wants to argue back at those people and say something that follows the sentiment of “Silence drives injustice. Complacency is complicity. Apathy assists oppressors.” and etc.

Between June and December of 2020, I read The Autobiography of Malcolm X, which I highly recommend. Understanding his life is crucial to understanding the history of American racism, a life that is unfortunately dismissed as trivial in our current curriculums.

Chapter 1: Nightmare

The book starts off with a dark and intense chapter about Malcolm’s life as a child. There were many…

Justin Ting

Effective Eccentric Eclectic Electrical Engineer

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